My music for work

Over the years working in an office, I’ve created a few youtube playlists in a number of different styles, some of which I want to share with you.

Classical, Barock, Romanticism

Top of the list for me. Classical music is the thing I listen to most of the time. Mostly no lyrics and mild tunes, hence nothing to get in the way of your thinking when writing difficult logic.


Next down the list, some Jazz tunes and mixes. I only started to follow up on this more recently. Comes really nice when you need a bit of an extra push.


Maybe something for bug fixing or overtime to keep you motivated. I feel like I’ve put most of the great classics into this list, recommendations are always welcome.


My favorite HipHop tunes. Well suited for not so thought-intensive tasks.


Can’t have a list like this without some House. This list is pretty old, so forgive me for putting some techno and disco tracks in there too.

If you have some ideas for tracks to add or you have some playlists you want to share, please post them in the comment section.