Top 5 Best Cafés in Vienna

Don’t believe the hype. Here are the 5 best (Third-Wave / Specialty) Cafés in Vienna, Austria.

Anybody who knows me knows I’m a huge coffee guy. Luckily Vienna, my hometown, is one of the top-tier cities for Coffee enjoyment. Just recently, a friend from abroad came to visit, and we systematically tried to find the best Cappuccino in town. These are our findings. You should know the sorting is quite subjective - all of these are excellent. And there a many more that are great but did not make the list.

Nr. 1: No Panic Coffee

No Panic won the contest for best Cappuccino overall. Perfect microfoam and amazing Latte Art. They have three Venues spread around the inner city. I’ve tried all of them - never disappointed.

3 Venues:

Nr. 2: Kaffein Zeitgeist

Very centrally located, right across from St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom), I discovered this gem just recently.
It’s not just one of my favorite spots for coffee. The venue also offers a spacious, classy seating area upstairs. It works great as a coworking space or hangout spot for a couple of hours.

Nr. 3: Balthasar

One of my long-time favorites, Balthasar, never disappoints. Conveniently located right at the Metro station U1 Nestroyplatz or just a quick walk from either Praterstern or Schwedenplatz.

Nr. 4: Empress Coffee

Boasting with their funny, seasonal inscriptions above the shop and a hyper-modern interior, Empress Coffee is always worth a visit. A note on the side: They don’t have lactose-free cow milk (only regular or plant-based) if you’re into that.

Nr. 5: CoffeePirates

I can’t walk past this one without at least getting a Flat White or Cappuccino to-go. Situated close to Medical University Vienna, it’s popular with students and remote workers. The place is quite big, with a cozy, wooden interior. It’s so popular that they opened a second store right across the street.

Honorable mention: Café Schwarzenberg

If you’re looking for a traditional Viennese Café (Kaffeehaus) instead of the ones above, look no further. Café Schwarzenberg will have you covered with Apfelstrudel, Sacher cake (Sachertorte) and Viennese Cappuccino (Wiener Melange).